Sunday, 31 December 2006

1:1 Why humans are so contradictory

Let’s imagine what a visitor from some distant planet would think of human history. Let us look down on the museum of human history from afar, with you, Lily, as one of the exhibits.

The visitor would almost certainly conclude that humans are very topsy turvy. They are obviously just animals, yet they seem to think that they are special. They cannot decide whether to prefer their minds or their bodies. They cannot decide whether to prefer their senses or their thoughts. They think of themselves as immortal, yet they die. They think of themselves as lords of creation, yet they are a prey to very many other species. They have excellent minds, but this just leads them into folly and unreason. They claim to be the sole judges of truth, but spend much of their time lying. They are loving, yet they spend much time hating and undermining each other.

Humans are co-operative creatures, yet they are also intensely selfish. They can create great art, but leave the world an ugly mess. With their amazing technologies they generate great wealth, yet most of them live in degrading poverty. They enjoy peace but constantly kill. They strive to be equal, yet invent and sustain endless inequalities between classes, religious groups, men and women. They preach tolerance and understanding, yet they torture each other for their beliefs.

The distant observer might well be confused, agreeing that ‘Man is an embodied paradox, a bundle of contradictions.’ Especially puzzling is the huge gap between human potential, the ability to make a rich, lovely and fulfilling life on earth and the actual miseries human beings create for themselves and other species.


Yo Mama said...

I spend everyday of my life thinking about this.
To generalize it. Everything has an opposite, but it's all a part of the same whole. also the idea of right and wrong, true and false are human notions. if nature were left to its own it would gracefully slide from beginning to end. it would never be confused about where it was going. Humans need to believe that there is something that is the best.
the best thing to do right now. the best qualities in a lover. the best colors. the best religion. the best breakfast. the best skin color. the best sexual orientation. the best country. the best type of government. the best football team.

the problem is that there is no such thing. everyone loves to go around and discuss and promote their favorite things. Some people make an evil mistake though. they take so much pride in their beliefs, that they act against the "opposite" side. this is unfair. Ignorant. Hypocritical. Intolerant. and foolish. (you seriously think you have the right answer, OUT OF EVERYONE) you can see how if you believe one way is better than another, you close the door to many opportunities, for yourself and your fellow beings.
the most notorious atrocities involved. Ethnicity, Skin Color, Religion Sexual Orientation. People forget we are all one whole. they create differences that are simply cosmetic or subjective, and then go on to write it into law.

Its a very complex issue.

I get by by not caring about anything people do unless it takes freedom from someone. That isn't perfect though.
shit's hard cuz'
Peace Y'all

Yo Mama said...

Yin and Yang exactly the same.

Matter Is Energy and Energy is Time.